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AWV carries a number of instructional videos for beginners, intermediates, and coaches. Improve your wrestling skills with great instructional videos or just sit back and watch some great action from the World Freestyle Championships to the Big 12 Conference Finals.

The Instructional Series
In the Instructional Series, watch and analyze top wrestlers and see your technical skills improve. Purchase these great videos separately for $24.95 each or buy the complete set for $124.75 US. More ==>
  The Event Series
The Event Series is a collection of exciting competitions presented in broadcast format and quality. All of the videos will prove to be both informative and entertaining. More ==>

USA Wrestling Coaches Packet (4 videos and manual)

Tape 1 Testimonials, Promo's and Highlights - 7 parts
Part 1 Features many of the recognized champions of the sport of wrestling as well as several of the leading business people of America.
Part 2 Folkstyle highlites, featuring many top teams and athletes at the college level.
Part 3 Photos, names, and clips of past Olympic Champions to Atlanta Games.
Part 4 Highlites of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
Part 5 Highlites of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics
Part 6 Highlites of the 2000 Sydney Olympics
Part 7 Promotion of Womens Wrestling

Tape 2 Combative Games, Skills, and Drills
The video gives a systemic approach to teaching essential motor skills used in the sport of wrestling. Warmup routines, games, and wrestling drills in an individual, partner, and group format is presented.

Tape 3 Folkstyle Techniques from the Mat
Folkstyle techniques from the mat are covered by clinicians and supplemented by exciting action video footage.

Tape 4 Coaching Tips
On camera presentations by Dan Gable, Greg Strobel, and Bruce Burnett on topics of peaking and preparing your athletes for competition, and qualities of a good coach.

Note: Sold as a set only.

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